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Cushing resident explains how she was burglarized during sales pitch


A simple sales pitch was all it took, for Robert Bell to work his way into the homes of potential clients.

Once inside their homes the salesman used simple tactics to distract the residents

"He has got a lot of stuff from Cushing people, money, a lot of money if he can't get money he can get something else." Said Doris Gresham, victim.

 Residents in Cushing can expect one less knock on their door after the arrest of a local electricity salesman.

Nacogdoches county deputies arrested Robert Bell Friday after receiving a report he stole 500 dollars from a potential client.

Doris Gresham had her first encounter with Bell in February.

The 82-year-old describes the former salesman as friendly, she had no idea his visit would cost her 100 dollars.

"I wasn't aware that he was even thinking about taking something that day when he came," said Gresham.

When inside their homes authorities say Bell would do things like ask for a glass of water to distract residents.

"He, he just got it while I had my back turned," said Gresham.

Just a few weeks ago bell returned to Gresham's residence uninvited, but she caught him.

"In my purse, bending over digging in my purse," said Gresham.

 After bell's visits, Gresham has become guarded about who comes through her front door.

"I want to screen everyone who comes," said Gresham.

Direct energy communications manager Claire Monaghan says all sales personnel are trained to respect resident's property. And that residents should use their best judgment to ensure their safety.

"There's no reason why anyone should go into the home at all, it is something that is done on the door steep and if you're in doubt you keep people out," said Monaghan.

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