Oldest county in Texas celebrates 175 years

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - Sam Houston declared Houston County the first in the Republic of Texas 175 years ago.

"We're just proud of the fact that we are the first county," said Juanita Brenner, member of the 175th Anniversary Committee.

Two weeks of anniversary events have celebrated their county's history and heritage.

"It tugs at your heart, it makes you feel proud to call yourself not only a Texan but also a Houston County resident," said Ansel Bradshaw, chairperson of the 175th Anniversary Committee.

The final day of celebration was dedicated to a woman who devoted her life to preserving the county's rich history.

David Crockett-Brewer Springs Park is now home to a silhouette of the late Eliza Bishop.

"She wanted to make sure all the landmarks had markers to identify the historical nature of that area to Houston County and we couldn't do this without properly recognizing her," said Bradshaw.

Bishop's work is inspiring a new generation to connect with their ancestors.

The newly renovated Strode-Pritchett log cabin is open for tours depicting early life in Houston County.

"It shows the early pioneer living , that the pioneers that first came to this area how they had to live," said Brenner

"You always want to hang on to it, you want to remember what happened years ago and its something that we can pass along to our children and to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren," said Bradshaw.

As they look to the future, Houston County is committed to preserving history in the making.

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