Stretch Away Back Pain

by Michelle Mortensen

If back pain is making your life unbearable, but you don't want to go under the knife, there could be a solution in your own backyard. All you may need is a good stretch on a decompression table.

For years, Janet Simmons of Lindale couldn't vacuum. It just flared up an old back injury.

"I herniated or ruptured six discs in my lower back," she says.

The pain got so intense it made her practically immobile.

"I couldn't get up and cook or do anything that required me to stand," she says.

 She tried everything to fix the pain – injections, physical therapy, a disc scan – but nothing worked. That's when she tried decompression therapy at Texas Spine Medical Centers in Tyler.

"They put you on a modern-day form of the rack. I don't know how else to describe it. They put a harness on you and you hold on and the table stretches out about this far," she describes.

"You get stretched, but it's the way the stretching is done is what helps us produce the negative pressure," says Dr. Daniel Boudreau at Texas Spine Medical Center.

Over the last decade, Dr. Daniel Boudreau has performed decompression therapy thousands of times. He says that negative pressure eliminated the pain.

"That allows us to pull in nutrients and water into the disc to help it heal," he says.

After six weeks of treatment, Janet says she's never felt better.

"My goal was to get off the pain pills and if that was all, I was going to be happy. I didn't expect it to get my life back," she says.

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