Nacogdoches Juneteenth event gives a new generation a history lesson

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Hundreds gathered in downtown Nacogdoches fora day of celebration and remembrance.

"There's hope in this day and in thecelebration because so many of our young people are wandering away from ourroots," said Maye Ham, President, African-American Heritage Project.

This weekend's Juneteeth event celebratedwhen black slaves in Texas got the news slavery ended two years earlier.

"It's a reminder that our forefatherswere slaved and freed. We talked to some young people and some older people intheir 30's and 40's who didn't know about Juneteenth or had never been to acelebration," said Charlotte Stokes, President, Progressive LeadershipGroup.

Saturday's celebration also served as areminder for future generations to never forget where they've come from.

"We're not going to find very much ofthis in our text books in school, so its up to us to have our grandkids and thenext generation know the significance of the holiday," said Ham.

Event organizer Charlotte Stokes helpedrevive the parade and festival five years ago, she believes everyone has aresponsibility to their heritage. With so many resources available, the nextgeneration should take it upon themselves to look into their history.

"We want to encourage them and all ofthem can Google and get on facebook and all those kinds of things we encouragethem to do that so they can learn more about their black heritage," saidStokes.

"We have to find different ways to keepsthem interested in our history and those events in our history are important tous," said Ham.

Organizers hope that what people learn today,will ignite a spirit of remembrance and motivate them to keep the traditionalive.

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