Mosquito spraying underway in Nacogdoches, Lufkin

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - After a one year hiatus caused by the drought, mosquito spraying is underway again in Nacogdoches. A wet spring and frequent rains means parks superintendent Tommy Stanley Jr. is back to keeping mosquito hours.

"We try to spray between three in the morning and seven in the morning," said Stanley.

Texas has its share of the summer time pest.

"There's 85 different types mosquitoes in Texas," according to environmental health officer Tommy Wheeler.

So far this year, there's been only one case of west Nile virus, a disease carried by mosquitoes, reported in Texas. Humans and pets should take precautions against the bites that spread a variety of diseases.

The men have mapped out mosquito spraying all over town four to five nights per week. Aside from the routine mosquito spraying residents can also call about their particular mosquito problem.

"We'll look for any area that might be the cause of why there are so many mosquitoes in that particular area compared to other parts in town," said Wheeler.

In addition, stagnant waters around town are pinpointed for larvicide distribution.

"I have a backpack blower that has a hopper on it. I can sit right here on the edge of the water and I can shoot that about midway to where that big tree is over there," pointed out Stanley.

The city is on the warpath against mosquitoes, but spraying stops when an early morning jogger or walker is seen. Stanley has the on/off switch right beside him.

"Even though the motor is running I turn the valve off the spray. It might bleed a little bit, but I do turn it off."

Too bad mosquitoes aren't as courteous.

Lufkin Parks and Recreation spray for mosquitoes on a weekly basis. Give them your address and it will be added to list of areas that will be sprayed.

Lufkin Parks and Recreation spray for mosquitoes in community parks regularly.

The service is free and available only in city limits. Lufkin Parks and Recreation: (936)633-0250

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