Lufkin woman gets 20 months in jail for injury to a child

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A Lufkin woman accepted a 20 month state jail sentence for injury of her four-year-old child and drug possession.

Amanda Jane Braley, 24, is charged with injury to a child in connection to a January 2010 investigation into injuries to her four-year-old child, when Braley brought her to Woodland Heights Hospital. According to the arrest affidavit, medical staff tried frantically to revive her. Braley told the E.R. she was suffering from the flu and falling down in the bathtub.

After being stabilized, the 4-year-old was flown to Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center in Houston. According to the arrest report, Lufkin Police received hospital records indicating she had "suffered life threatening medical neglect and significant physical abuse."

Braley told hospital workers that the 4-year-old was being watched by Micah King while she was at work. During a police interview with King, he allegedly admitted to slapping her on one occasion and knocking her into some chairs.

King pleaded guilty in August to endangering a child, accepting an eight-month state jail sentence.

According to court records, an order to surrender was issued for Braley on January 4, since her attorney, Ryan Deaton, had withdrawn her bond.

Braley did not show up for her jury selection on January 9, according to court records. Jail records show she surrendered to confinement later that month.

Braley had reached a plea agreement on the case, which involved a probation sentence, but Bryan denied the plea deal in Nov. 2011.

In April, Braley appeared in court on a motion for a lower bond, which Bryan denied because of the pending drug charges against her at the time.

On Tuesday, Bryan accepted Braley's plea agreement and sentenced her to two concurrent sentences for each of the charges. Braley received a 12 month state jail sentence for possession of marijuana and a 20 month state jail sentence for injury to a child.

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