Gourmet Kids camp teaches healthy eating habits

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Christie King is spending her summer vacationgetting kids in the kitchen and making healthy food fun.

"They're getting to learn healthand nutrition, good eating habits, their creating a lot of healthy snacks,"said Christie King, Angelina County Family Consumer Sciences.

The professional mom and consumerscience expert says this week's Gourmet Kids camp is helping kids steer clearof foods that create unhealthy eating habits.

"Its so important for them rightnow because of the fast food restaurants and the convenience foods, we need tobring it back," said King.

Health officials say knowledge ispower. When children learn about different types of food, they are more likelyto make better choices.

"Maybe but one new fruit a weekor one new vegetable and try out a new recipe and if children get toparticipate in that process they're much more likely to eat it," said AmyMcLeod, RD,LD Brookshire Brothers.

Foods like yogurt,fresh fruit and string cheese are ideal for snacks. Nutrition consultant AmyMcLeod says getting children involved with preparing meal will turn healthyeating into an enjoyable activity.

"In our family we like to makehomemade pizza and the kids love doing that, decorating it with vegetables,"said McLeod.

"They can cook healthy at homefor cheaper and it just gives them more of an opportunity to have a longhealthy lifestyle," said King.

And that's good news for any mom, hopingto teach their kids healthy habits they'll keep for life.

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