Killer Storms: Hurricane Alicia

Hurricane Alicia was one of the last major hurricanes to strike the Texas coastline.  The storm made landfall near Galveston on August 18, 1983.  Alicia was a category 3 hurricane with wind gusts up to 127mph at landfall.

Areas around Galveston and Houston were the hardest hit by the hurricane. In downtown Houston, the hurricane force winds were so strong windows were blown out of skyscrapers.

Although, the hardest hit areas were along Alicia's path from the coast to just west of East Texas, the Pineywoods did feel an impact from the storm. In Nacogdoches, winds just over 40mph were recorded as the storm passed nearby.

East Texas motels became the temporary home for coastal evacuees. Some Galveston residents did all they could to prepare their home and then made the drive to Nacogdoches where they took shelter at a dorm on the campus of Stephen F. Austin State University.

While moving inland is much safer that staying on the coast, inland areas can still be devastated by a major hurricane. Alicia proved that. The storm spawned a total of 23 tornadoes. Nine of those occurred in the area between Houston and Tyler. The strongest tornado during the storm occurred over 250 miles from the coast near Tyler.

Once the storm had passed, Alicia had caused nearly 2 billion dollars in damage and 21 deaths were attributed to the storm