Restaurant Report - Angelina - 6/21/12

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Lindo Mexico Taqueria @ 305 S. Timberland: 32 demerits for improper temperatures, ceiling fan needs to be cleaned, replace water damaged ceiling tiles, clean vent hood filters, clean under equipment, do not store food on floor of walk in freezer, replace toilet seat in women's restroom, store shrimp on drained ice, back door must seal tightly, cannot have household pesticides, remove wooden rolling pen, repair leak at hand sink and store ice scoop properly.

Summer Sno @ 219 W. Frank Ave: 18 demerits for the floor needs to be recovered, clean under equipment, clean air condition vent, snow sno syrup can needs to be cleaned, paper towels needed at hand sinks and cannot have household pesticides.

Hernandez Restaurant & Grocery @ 4116 Highway 103 W.: 18 demerits for improper temperatures, expired medications and food products need to be removed from the shelves, do not store toxic items with single service items, thermometer needed in milk cooler and need food grade containers.

Sake Café @ 1905 Tulane Dr. #103A: 13 demerits for food cannot be stored on floor of walk-in cooler or freezer, remove wooden table, back door must remain closed at all times, thermometer needed in reach in cooler and replace broken lids to bulk food containers.

Taco Bell @ 216 S. Timberland: 10 demerits for employees need to clean under equipment, seal bottom of back door and sanitizer buckets should be changed more frequently.

Long John Silver's @ 1112 S. Timberland: 10 demerits for hand towels needed at hand sinks, repair shelves by register, need end caps on light shields in dishwashing area and clean under equipment.

Little Ceaser's @ 1809 W. Frank: 0 demerits.

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