Wells community mourns death of 12-year-old boy

WELLS, TX (KTRE) - Memories of life cut short played in the Wells High School gym as family, friends and members of the community gathered to honor the life of David Stone Jr.

"I imagine their hearts are heavy today but we come here to help them uplift Jesus Christ," Ezra Thompson Jr., Minister.

"I can see that the city is being bonded by the great happening, both white, black, Hispanic and all and that's certainly what God is about," said  Pastor Derry Scott, Eulogist.

The 12-year-old was killed after being hit by a car while riding his motorized bike last Thursday.  All of the Wells ISD 7th graders were named honorary pallbearers at the service.  Alongside his family, his classmates try to make sense of Stone's death.

"I think they're doing well, they're showing signs of strength God is in control and he just wants us to rest in him," said Scott.

"We all are one big family and that's the way we always have been and that's the way we are going to continue to be, one big family, they need us we're going to be there," Thompson.

Minister Ezra Thompson has spent time with the family since the accident and he says while the driver who hit the boys faces no additional charges, the community's focus is helping the family move forward.

"It's sad the way things went down but we can't linger on that we have to turn to God and let God fix it for us," Thompson.

While the family is coming to terms with tragedy, Wells ISD, local churches and businesses are standing behind them with fundraising effort hoping to ease to pain.

"It took away one of our loved ones that we truly loved and when one hurts we all hurt," Thompson.

In time of sorrow the community stands together.

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