Nacogdoches family working to reconstruct home after son’s nearly fatal accident

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - This weekend friends and family hosteda "Bring Joel Home Benefit," in honor of Nacogdoches resident Joel Lloyd a manwho beat the odds and survived the unthinkable.

"There's a 90% chance ofmortality, which is death and 10% chance is more likely a vegetative state sowe were preparing for him to not even wake up," said Linda Lawson, Joel'smom.

Linda Lawson calls her son a miraclein progress. Nearly two years ago he was in car accident that nearly ended hislife.

"He went to pass a truck andanother car was coming and Joel went to the ditch and ended up hitting aculvert and rolling his truck," said Randy Lawson, Joel's step-dad.

Lloyd's truck rolledan estimated seven times. He suffered a fractured neck, forearm and severebrain damage that left him in a coma.

"My son's always been stubborn hewas born stubborn and always will be and I looked in his eyes and knew thathe'd wake up," said Lawson.

Six weeks later he did.

"It was the happiest day of mylife, for him to say mom and I love you and I said I would be happy with that,"said Lawson.

Lloyd has found success in physical therapyand can return home but the family need to make a few adjustments to make thetransition comfortable.

All benefit proceeds will be puttowards construction cost for the home.

"We've got to replace the doors,the floors in order to use his lift, his electric wheel chair, we need woodfloors because it doesn't roll on the carpet," said Lawson.

Home renovations are just the beginning;Lloyd's family believes he has a bright future ahead of him.

"I'm not giving up on himwalking, he's going to walk," said Lawson.

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