Debby's path takes on a significant shift and away from Texas

Courtesy: National Hurricane Center
Courtesy: National Hurricane Center

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - Even though we still have a lot of differing solutions with our computer models in regards to where Tropical Storm Debby will go, it appears that the Florida panhandle is the most likely destination at this time.

Models Continue to Change

Over the past 24 hours, it seemed as if Debby may track towards the Texas coast.  This morning, many of our computer models were targeting southern Louisiana as a possible destination.  However, after looking at the latest model runs this afternoon, the National Hurricane Center track has shifted once more, this time further to the east to encompass the Alabama coast and most of Florida, taking Louisiana virtually out of the cone of uncertainty.

All these changes and discrepancies in the models means one thing and one thing only:  uncertainty with Debby remains.

Last night, we were hopeful that Debby may affect us here in Deep East Texas later this week with some clouds, rain, and cooler temperatures.  With the models and forecast track now shifting further to the east, it now appears that the hot and dry weather will be with us for quite some time.

Why the Uncertainty

Since Debby formed on Saturday afternoon, the computer models have had a poor grasp on her track.  The main reason behind this has to do with the weak steering currents in place.  With a trough to the northeast and a ridge of high pressure to her northwest, there is no clear cut system that has taken control and steered her one way or the other.  That would also explain why the movement of Debby is very slow, at less than 5 mph.

There may be more changes in the track of Debby tonight and even tomorrow.  Therefore, make sure you stay tuned to KTRE-TV and right here on for the latest updates.

You can always track Debby and the rest of the tropics by visiting our Hurricane Center.

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