Gas war waging in Appleby

APPLEBY, TX (KTRE) - The new owner of an Appleby gas station, convenience store and cafe doesn't want to call it a "gas war." Neither does his competitor down the street.

No matter what you call it, fuel customers at The Niche Cafe are benefiting. Damon Yates has dropped the cost of fuel down to $3.09.

"That's the lowest I've seen it in a long while," said one customer.

Others agree.

"I rolled down the road there, saw some $3.19 and I was coming back this way, I said, 'I'll just hold out until I get back to the 3.09," another customer said.

"It will help," another customer said. "Every little bit helps."

"We want passersby to see it, stop by, but mostly, most importantly, we want all our locals to come in that doesn't know we're open," said owner Damon Yates. "There's still a lot of people that don't know we're open and so that was kinda the thinking behind it."

The promotion will continue through July 4. The owner says he's losing money on the gasoline, but hopes customers will come inside and check out his store and cafe.

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