Nacogdoches cyclist raises safety awareness

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - There's no better person to push a discount on bicycle safety equipment than Steve Thomas.

"This is the helmet I was wearing when I was struck from behind," Thomas said. "And this is what saved my life. I was hit at 55 miles per hour is what DPS said."

Thomas' constant reminder to wear a helmet is a scar where an automobile rearview mirror slammed into him. He cringes when he sees cyclists take off without one. He doesn't buy the age-old excuse helmets are too hot.

"They have air vents in them so they allow the air to flow around your head to keep your head cool," Thomas said.

Helmets come in a variety of cool colors. So do bike shirts.

"In East Texas everybody knows that camouflage seems to be preferred clothing from everything from baptisms to funerals, but that is the one time, riding a bicycle, you want to be bright and colorful," Thomas said.

Another safety advice is a bike rear light.

With today's super quite automobiles, Thomas has discovered a rearview mirror is handy.

"During the day light hours I carry this light on my bike," he said.

Thomas needs no incentives to use all the gear, but others might. The Nacogdoches Bicycle Club and the Bike Shop in Nacogdoches have teamed up to encourage safe bicycle purchases.

"For every helmet that's purchased there's $5 off," Thomas said. "For every mirror that's purchased there's $5 off and for every rear light that purchased there's $5 off."

The discounts will be offered from July 2 through July 7 to children and adults. The Bike Shop is on East College Street, across from the SFA campus.

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