Road work on Fuller Springs complete after 11 months

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - After nearly a year ofclosures, detours, and road work one south Lufkin neighborhood is open again tothru traffic.

Road work on FullerSprings Drive came to an end last month.

Construction began lastyear to accommodate an increase in traffic between Slack Elementary and BurleyPrimary.

City officials say the two-laneroad was in poor shape from heavy traffic.

Crews widened the street and added a centerturning lane.

"The idea was to getthe section in front of the school completed first so we knocked that out priorto school starting and we knew that it was going to take a substantial amountof time to finish the remainder of the job," said Chuck Walker, City Engineer.

After some delays from rain last year, the road work took 11months to complete. It cost the city over two million dollars.

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