East Texans give their thoughts on health care decision

Jake Schlenner
Jake Schlenner
Candice Halls
Candice Halls
Linda Flores
Linda Flores

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Candice Halls made a quick move to her boss' office when she saw President Obama come on the television. She listened intently as he talked about the Supreme Court's decision to uphold his health care overhaul.

Halls is waiting to hear what directly affects her which is, "increases in my health care," said Halls.

Halls and her husband have employer provided insurance. Candice Halls carries insurance for their three children. Obviously, she has some questions.

"I didn't know how things were going to change for us that are already covered, so higher increases and if my type of policy is going to change. If my coverage is going to increase or decrease," said Halls.

Linda Flores, a mature working woman, is uninsured. Her husband is eligible for medicare. Approval of the individual insurance requirement has them fuming.

"Do not tell me I have to purchase insurance, but if I choose not to that you're going to tax me higher. No," said Flores.

Today, Jake Schlenner, a pre-med college student is helping poor uninsured East Texans, the very people the law is trying to help, obtain prescription medications. Yet, the future doctor isn't in total support of today's news.

"It definitely introduces a lot more problems than it fixes, but it is good for the people who don't have any health care whatsoever. For these people that's good for them," said Schlenner.

East Texans are paying attention to health care reform for their immediate needs and the needs of others.

Today Schlenner mailed in applications to medical schools.

"I know this is what I want and I"m going to stick with that regardless of any law that gets passed," says the determined young man.

Linda Flores listens closely for the ones she loves.

"At this stage of my life and at my age it is important, but it really concerns me for my children and grandchildren," said Flores.

Candice Halls will continue watching the news to find answers to her questions.

"We all need to be paying attention cause that's going to effect us," said Halls.

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