East Texas firefighters assist in Colorado wildfires

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - Marie Wilson of Clawson can't help but worry about her grandson, Bobby Milligan.

The native East Texan and his family moved to Colorado for its beauty that today is being destroyed by raging fires.

Wilson recalls her grandson's phone call.

"He was crying because there was so much of the pretty stuff being burnt down," said Wilson.

The contractor describes first hand what has been in the news for days.

"The only way hey can fight, at the moment, is on foot because of the terrain and the wind and how dry it is up here. The containment level has been very, very low," said Milligan.

The builder's biggest loss is the oldest cowboy church on the flying W ranch near Colorado Springs. That's why he called his nanny.

East Texas can help in other ways too.

The Texas Interagency Coordinating Center in Hudson takes requests for any firefighting need. Last summer Texas needed help.

This year the state is eager to return the favor.

"In the last month we sent more than 10% of our staff out to go assist with incidents around the nation. We sent short teams to help with New Mexico. We have single resources currently being ordered up to help with simple tasks, dispatching or more complex things to firefighting and hand tool crews going to the fire line in other states," said TFS District Forester Todd Nightingale.

Sometimes there's a shortage of services. That's why Milligan asks for something readily available from those willing to provide it.


"Prayer. Right now that's what this area needs more than anything," said Milligan.

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