Health Horizons of ETX breaks ground on new location

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Members of the Nacogdoches community gatheredat the corner of Martha and Main Street to celebrate the new home of Health Horizonsof East Texas.

"Its more than a dream its something that has requireda lot of effort on the part of a lot of different people," said Dr.Wilbert Brown, Executive Director, Health Horizons.

Thegoal of the clinic it to empower and serve those with needs related to HIV andAIDS.

"It'sa place that men and women can come and be cared for and know that they arerespected even though they have an illness that many people don't like,"said Frankie Harvey, Chairperson, Health Horizons Board of Directors.

HealthHorizons has been serving 12 counties across east Texas for 22 years and eachyear help nearly 400 patients. Two years ago fundraising began to finance abuilding to maximize their efforts.

"Itmeans a continuation of services we will have the capacity for increasing butnot only do we do HIV services for the clients we also provide preventionactivities," said Brown.

Theclinic offers services such as medical case management, primary care and socialand support services. Chairperson Frankie Harvey believes Health Horizons is asafe place for those in need an essential for the community.

"Thisbuilding will be a place in the community that will give sight to the needs ofthis town," said Harvey.

Andthe ultimate achievement, giving patients critical conditions hope for a bettertomorrow.

"Leavewith determination that they are going to live because that's essentially whatits about, that your quality of life will improve," said Brown.

The board of directors voted to namethe new complex after Executive Director Dr. Wilbert Brown.

Construction is set to begin in Julyand they hope to have the building completed by March  of 2013.

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