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Animal control officials encourage keeping pets inside during 4th of July celebrations


While you're enjoying the Fourth of July outdoors your pets could be headed for pandemonium.

"It's the noise its scares them, they get out they run at large some of them get injured," said Diane Milligan, Officer, City of Lufkin Animal Control.

 A heightened sense of hearing often works against cats and dogs. More pets go missing from their homes Independence Day than any other time of the year.  When fireworks blast into the sky Lufkin Animal Control says they are safer inside. That even goes for outdoor pets.

"To a laundry room, to a quiet room and then have a radio or a TV or a fan or something that drowns out the fireworks noise," Rhonda McLendon, Director, City of Lufkin Animal Control.

If you can't keep the animals in the house, now is the perfect time to secure your gates and fences.

"99.5 percent of the animals that come into the shelter do not have IDs and they do not get returned to their owners," said McLendon.

So a collar and current tags can save a lot of time and heartache.

"It could be avoided. They go through stress. The family members and the animals, they're scared, they're lost, they're both looking for each other,"Milligan.

 It's not just the big displays that can send your pet scrambling. Even sparklers can make animals believe they're in danger.    

"A child we can teach what fireworks are and not to fear that, your pet, you can't teach that," said McLendon.

 If your pet goes missing immediately check local animal shelters and vet clinics. There is a minimal holding period for animals so there is no guarantee your pet will be there if you wait. Reclaim hours for the Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter are from 10 am to 4:45 Monday through Saturday.

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