Where Are The Lowest Gas Prices?

We've been checking gas prices here locally, and most stations we called had raised their rates by about seven cents a gallon. Using tips from you, our viewers, we were searching for the best deals in the area, and here are the lowest prices we were able to find as of Monday night.

Pal's Video on Frank Street was the lowest we found in Lufkin at a $1.91 for regular unleaded. Walmart came in at a $1.93, and Love's on the Loop was going for a $1.94.

In Nacogdoches, Kwik Stop Grocery was priced at $1.93. In Livingston, the Race Track had regular unleaded for $1.86. Alamo's Texaco in Central was also going for $1.86. And the very lowest we could find in the viewing area was at Polk's Pick It Up, also in Central, selling at $1.85.