Lufkin methadone clinic says 'it's business as usual'

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It will be business as usual at The Methadone Clinic of East Texas, despite federal charges for two key employees. A federal grand jury indicted Daniel Kubisty and Edward Jacobs for planning to burn down their competition, The Add-Life Recovery Center in Tyler. Edward Jacobs is also accused of trying to have his accomplice murdered. The Facility Director, Robert Jacobs, says he's shocked by the allegations.

"Day to day operations have not changed at all," said Facility Director Robert Jacobs of the Methadone Clinic of East Texas.

Jacobs says the clinic is continuing business as usual, following the indictment of two major employees.

"As long as our doors are open, we'll continue to help people," said Jacobs.

The clinic weans patients off painkillers through methadone treatments. Jacobs' brother, Edward Jacobs and Daniel Kubisty were indicted in June for allegedly attempting to burn down a similar treatment center in Tyler in March of 2012. Jacobs says it's unrealistic to believe these allegations, especially since his clinic has held a strong presence in Tyler for 14 years now. Even harder to fathom, Jacobs doesn't believe his brother hired a hit man to kill Kubisty so he wouldn't testify against him, as another indictment alleges.

"The clinic there in Tyler was not competition, whatsoever. And so, you got to have all the facts before you can actually come to a conclusion," said Jacobs.

Jacobs says it's important to keep patients on the right track for treatment so they don't relapse.

"In some cases, they resort back to what they were doing. Or, the alternative for them would be go to another location. Well, if the other location is in Houston, you know, that gets expensive pretty quick just in travel time," said Jacobs.

And, regardless of the criminal allegations, Jacobs says they'll continue to focus on helping people.

"There's definitely a need for a treatment center like this in the area for the people," said Jacobs.

Jacobs says all of the clinics are still maintaining their regular hours, and he doesn't foresee any closure in the future.

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