DPS troopers enforcing “No Refusal” during 4th of July holiday

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Across the nation we celebrate the Fourth of July with festivals, family and fireworks.

But the day honoring our independence is also one of the deadliest for drivers.

"If we can get the drunks off the road, they quit killing people. What we're looking for is the ones celebrating a little too much. Drinking and driving, we're watching for those and of course we're trying to slow them down," said Sgt. David Walker, Traffic Division, Lufkin Police Department.

The Lufkin Department of Public Safety has been enforcing a "No Refusal" initiative since June 30th and it will last until the 8th of this month.

Drivers can no longer refuse blood alcohol content tests and troopers can obtain blood samples from drivers they believe to be intoxicated.

"We like to go out on the holidays usually its an increase in traffic flow where we go out, try and make contact with as many violators as we can in the efforts of trying to take those intoxicated motorists of the roadways," said David Hendry, DPS Spokesperson.

Willie Butler and his family drove to East Texas from South Carolina and he says, the "No Refusal" push gives him comfort but also feels drivers should be responsible for themselves.

"It doesn't take away the fact that I still need to need to be extra cautious of the other vehicles on the road around me," said Butler.

DPS and Lufkin police officials encourage drivers to watch their speed and drive defensively during the holiday weekend.

"They should always be on the lookout we can't be everywhere all the time," said Walker.

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