TX principal charged with planting camera in girls locker room

DENTON CO., TX (ABC) - A middle school principal is charged with using her daughter to plant a camera inside a girls locker room and the motive may be as strange as the alleged crime.

The hidden camera was planted in the girls locker room at a Texas high school and set to record during halftime of a basketball game.

Prosecutors allege that Wendee Long, a mom, principal and former school board member, did it--not to see anyone changing--but to capture how her daughters' new coach talked to the team... because her girls complained he yelled too much.

Jamie Beck, Denton County Assistant District Attorney said,  "The intent is to invade someone privacy."

What's more, prosecutors claim she had her 17-year-old daughter sneak the camera into the locker room and hide it.

Her daughter is not facing charges and authorities say the camera didn't record anything inappropriate.

Still, Long was arrested and if convicted could face a $25,000 fine or even 20 years in prison.

Her attorney tells ABC news she is surprised and disappointed by the charges and maintains no laws were broken.

That's not how this mom sees it. Her daughter was in the locker room while that camera was recording.

Julie Sheridan, a mother of a player said,  "I don't understand why someone would go to those lengths to break a law to try to get something to go the way they want it to go."

Long only got caught after someone anonymously sent the video to the superintendent and several board members. Her daughters already quit the basketball team .

Now, their mother is facing a far more serious foul.

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