Highway 94 bridge project outside Hudson nears completion

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - It's been two long years of road closure signs, crews working, and traffic re-routed on Highway 94. But now, the finishing touches are being put on five new bridges in the area just outside of Hudson.

"It'll be a whole lot safer after they finish with it," said Joshua Pierson, who works off of Highway 94.

Each day, hundreds of cars make the trek across several bridges connecting Angelina and Trinity counties. For two years, the construction of five new replacement bridges has forced changes for every commute.

"It's been kind of inconvenient, but I think it's going to be a lot better when we finish with it," said Sandie Smith, who works off of Highway 94.

Smith says he travels Highway 94 at least two times a day when he's working in the area. While construction has been an issue, he says he's looking forward to an improved route to work.

"The new bridges are going to be a lot wider. It'll make traveling a lot better," said Smith.

TxDOT spokesperson, Kathy White, says the project began in May of 2010 to provide better mobility and increase safety along the highway.

"Several businesses right in that area, and so on the weekends it gets really congested. But, just on a daily basis of travel, you know, Highway 94 is pretty busy," said White.

"I mean, it scares some people. It's so narrow. It gets so close to the 18-wheelers, you know, you think they're going to run you over," said Pierson.

These bridges are a part of TxDOT's plans to widen several narrow highways in East Texas. Right now, construction workers are striping the cement, which should open to traffic on Friday.

White says while the new bridges will be open, the entire project won't be complete for at least another ten months.

"You know, once we switch traffic to the new bridges, we'll have to take out the old bridges," said White.

While there's still a lot of work to complete, drivers shouldn't see any disruptions. The bridges are scheduled to open Friday at noon, as long as highway striping is complete.

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