"Miracle mom" wakes up to find out she had a baby

By Britney Glaser - bio | email
NEW ORLEANS (WDSU) - A Slidell mother who fell into a coma and had her baby delivered by emergency Caesarian section has awakened and held her baby for the first time.

The mother, Amber Scott, had a blood vessel in her brain ruptured in early June, sending her into a coma. Doctors performed an emergency Cesarean section on Amber to save her unborn child.

Her husband, Tommy Scott, said their newborn daughter, Adeline is doing well.

Tommy Scott appeared on NBC's "Today Show" Thursday morning and spoke to Natalie Morales about his wife's current condition.

"Of course everything rushes through your head," Tommy told Morales. "I called 911 right away and the ambulance was there within 10 minutes and we were at the hospital right away. But it was crazy."

Tommy told "Today" that Amber was able to hold a bottle and feed Adeline with a little help.

Amber isn't out of the woods yet. She will require rehabilitation to begin to speak and perform normal motor functions.

Doctors said Amber is able to communicate with them at West Jefferson Medical Center.

Click here to watch the "Today" interview.

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