Who Has The Bigger Brain? Man Or Woman?

Ever wonder why men and women think so differently? Some scientists say there are actual scientific reasons.

"I think women are smarter."

"Men are smart but women are smarter."

East Texans we talked to say women are smarter than men, but are they? Could it be that neither is smarter than the other, they're just different. Scientists say yes.

Dr. Rueben Gur has been studying the brain for more than 25 years. He says, while men's brains can be 10-15% larger in size, women have more fibers that connect the sides of the brain together.

"There is more tissue available for transferring information between the two sides of the brain. That's why we think women have better inter-hemispheric communication," Dr. Gur says.

Anthropologist Helen Fisher says there is a reason.

"I think women's ability at communication evolved millions of years ago on the grasslands of Africa, as women held that baby in front of her face, cajoling it, reprimanding it, educating it, with words," she says.

As caregivers, researchers say women's brains were also wired to give them stronger senses, to smell if food is bad, to taste if it may be poisonous, and to hear when that baby is crying. What about men who refuse to ask for directions? Researchers say men have more white matter, which moves information more easily to the back of the brain where the visual cortex lies, a sort of "internal compass", if you will.

"For millions of years, they set out just about every morning to go out, surround, track and follow, and kill, and then bring home the wooly mammoth to feed their family," she says.