Community donations help Lufkin firework stand recover after break-in

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - As Fourth of July celebrations come to a closeone Lufkin firework stand is counting their blessings.

"We're just going to keep goingand trust the Lord," said Luis Salazar, Youth Pastor, Clawson Assembly ofGod Church.

Clawson Assembly of God Church sellsfireworks each year to raise money for their youth ministry. But this year abreak in cost them 13 hundred dollars worth of product.

"It set us back a little bit inlight of last year where we couldn't sell fireworks, that was a bit of a bummerand then to have something like this happen it was heart-wrenching," saidSalazar.

The money made selling fireworks goestowards sending the church's youth group to camp and a national fine artscompetition in Kentucky next month.

"On our own it's really hard tomake money for these kinds of things so it's good that we have something outthere that helps kids that don't really have the money to go," said DillonRichey, Student, Clawson Assembly of God Church.

Dillon Richey helped to sell fireworksand participates in fine arts competitions. He says the seasonal fundraisergives everyone the opportunity to be involved.

"Fine arts really has somethingfor everybody and their talents its very popular here because everybody has achance to do something," said Richey.

Despite the break-in the church wasstill able to raise about three thousand dollars, with the help of thecommunity and late Independence Day sales.

"We're a little bit shy of ourgoal somebody donated 500 dollars and another person donated 100 dollars," saidSalazar.

While the theft left a gap in thefundraiser, the ministry is looking forward to a positive future.

"There's no hard feeling, themain thing is we would like to recover our product but so that way we can sellit next season during the Christmas and New Year's season," said Salazar.

On July 22nd, Clawson Assembly of Godwill host a dinner theater fundraiser.

Students participating in fine arts competitionwill show off their talents and serve dinner for their audience. Theperformance will start at six.

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