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Lightning strike spooks E. Texans at Rangers Stadium


You may have been watching the Rangers game Sunday when the crowd heard something much louder than the crack of a bat. You might even say it was electrifying.

Lightning struck so close to the stadium the players and some of the fans ran for cover.

It's the top of the fourth, one on, and the Twins' Ryan Doumit is at the plate. Roy Oswalt considers his pitch and, crack! Lightning hits very close to the stadium.

Caleb McMillian and his son Marshall were in the third row near third base.

"The sound was just really deafening, I guess you would say, and really all your senses got crowded for a second. I didn't know what to do, and you look back and all the players were gone. They ran off the field and just scattered, and you didn't know if you should run. Some people were running, especially people in the upper levels, they were already running. So we didn't know whether to stay or run," Caleb recalled.

They stayed and watched the tarp being rolled onto the field, and Caleb said there was a lot of wind during the lightning strike.

Matt Egelhoff was in the cheap seats with his son.

"I was sitting up there having a good time, and actually I was looking down at my phone trying to see where the storm was coming from and checking the radar, and all of a sudden it was just on top of us. It was so loud; we heard the thunder before we saw the lightning. It was that close. It was ridiculous. I looked down at my son and he was so scared. This was one situation where my iPhone failed me," Matt said.

Meteorologist Mark Scirto says the players played it right.

"What was interesting is the players knew exactly what to do: get out of there. Get off the field. Whoever the runner was on first base he went right to the ground. If you're out in an open field that's probably one of the better things to do if you don't have anywhere to go," Mark pointed out.

"Does lightning strike twice in the same place," I asked.

"It certainly can, and as a matter of fact, almost every time lightning strikes, it is a multiple strike. People have seen it and it just seemed like it flashed and flashed; well it did. It's in the same place many, many times," Mark answered.

About 40 minutes after the lightning strike it was time to…

"Play Ball!" Caleb said.

Maybe the storm energized the Rangers. They came back to win it.

Both Matt and Caleb say a little lightning will not keep them out of the ballpark. They'll be back for more games.

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