Nacogdoches ranked 99 out of America’s 100 most-dangerous cities

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The oldest town in Texas is ranked 99on Neighborhood Scout's list of America's 100-most-dangerous cities.

"What list, yes at first lookNacogdoches, oh my goodness it's a dangerous place to live until you startlooking at the numbers and know the true numbers," said Greg Sowell, PIO,Nacogdoches Police Department.

Nacogdoches Police Departmentofficials have seen the less-than desirable report. Police spokesman Greg Sowellsay it's seriously flawed.

"Its certainly not the numbersthat the Nacogdoches Police Department has officially," said Sowell.

Neighborhood scout says their informationcomes from the uniform crime report numbers that come directly from local lawenforcement.

"These numbers that are on thewebsite show nothing even close to what we have here, they're showing violentcrimes as 330 we are at 213," said Sowell.

The website also lists 274 counts ofassault, 44 robberies, and 10 rapes. City police tell us in 2011 their recordsshow only 175 assault, 31 robberies, and 6 rapes. Nacogdoches residents wetalked to aren't buying the online ranking.

"I think that the city issomewhat proactive towards it," said Ramon Stripling, NacogdochesResident.

They do what they can do and that'sit," said Nelson Reedy, Nacogdoches Resident.

Neighborhood scout is based in Massachusetts. Sowellthinks that may contribute to apparent inaccuracies. Another example thewebsite's map of Nacogdoches includes areas that are not actually within citylimits.

"You've never been toNacogdoches, its hard to do you have to have some background of the generalarea," said Sowell.

Nacogdoches police tell us the rankingwon't affect their approach to a safer city.

"We've had several changes in ourway of doing business and we're all committed to reducing the crime rate,"said Sowell.

It's unclear how NPD's claims of statisticaldiscrepancies would affect their ranking on the list.

Nacogdoches police tell us crime rates in thecity have actually dropped in the last three years.

We'velearned the city, chamber of commerce, and police department are all working tohave the website's information corrected.

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