NASCAR levies big fines for Daytona infractions

CHARLOTTE, NC (AP) - NASCAR has penalized two championship contending teams for problems found during qualifying at Daytona.
Three-time champion Tony Stewart was docked six points, and crew chief Steve Addington was fined $25,000 because of a cooling hose found inside Stewart's car during qualifying.  He forfeited his second-place qualifying spot, but still won Saturday night's race.
In the Nationwide Series, Austin Dillon was docked six points for the same violation as Stewart.  Crew chief Danny Stockman and car chief Robert Strmiska have both been suspended until July 25. The team was also penalized last week.
NASCAR also fined crew chief Adam Stevens $10,000 and docked Joe Gibbs six points because Joey Logano's car failed Friday night's Nationwide Series post-race inspection.

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