Al Meyer Ford in Lufkin celebrates 25 years of service

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It takes honesty, good business, and great customer service to reach a 25-year milestone, says Al Meyer of Al Meyer Ford in Lufkin.

"We feel proud of our accomplishments. We've been here 25 years. We were on Timberland for five years, and then we built the new dealership 20 years ago. So, we've been very successful. We've been very happy, and no regrets," said Meyer.

Meyer started the original car dealership July 1, 1987 on Timberland Drive. After five years of successful business, Meyer relocated the dealership to the loop, where it has stood ever since.

"We were the number one, the first dealership on the loop, and they said that we were too far out. And, we had a little problem getting the money. But, that was the best move we ever made," said Meyer.

Since opening, Meyer has sold hundreds of cars and trucks to East Texans, which has helped boost the local economy. Meyer says he plans to keep reaching such milestones with the company, as he does not plan to retire.

Meyer and the community will celebrate the achievement Thursday night with an "invitation-only" celebration at the dealership.

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