Sheriff's Office Receives Calls About Lights In The Sky

Have you seen anything strange in the sky lately? Some East Texans apparently have reported seeing strange lights in the sky over Angelina County in the past week.

At least two of those reports have come through the Angelina County Sheriff's Office. Both accounts were reported on highway 103 and both were within just 4 days of each other. The deputies that were sent out to check on the calls searched but couldn't find anything. They say when they got to the area, what people told them was truly bizarre.

Sgt. Ricky Barley of the Angelina Co. Sheriff's Dept. said, "after deputies arrived out there at that location and spoke with the complainant, they advised that they seen a flat, round looking object going up in the clouds and coming back down, and didn't have no sound."

Sheriff's officials say that when anyone calls, even for UFO's, they always check it out. They say it could be anything, even a plane that could have gone down. They say it's better to be safe than sorry.