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Your week in viral videos: Muppets gone wild

(RNN) – What's funnier than little kids and animals in parodies of Call Me Maybe?

Answer: Sesame Street characters in parodies of Call me Maybe.

Cookie Monster further affirmed his love for his favorite treats in what is possibly the most awesome version yet of a song that is otherwise annoying and overplayed.

Best part of the video, 1:04: You took your time with the bite/  Me trying to stay polite/ Me start to really freak out/ Please someone call the Girl Scout/ Me no grumble or grouse/ This take its toll on me house/ Me going off me rocker/ Please feed me, Betty Crocker!


The bull shark that grabbed a fish right off this girl's hook was quite a bit more than the big catch this group was bargaining for.

It's not exactly Jaws, but it's enough to put a scare into just about anybody.

If you're brave, go ahead and ask these folks what they used for bait.


Look, up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane… It's a guy with a bald head and widening hips wearing a unitard and a cape.

A montage set to the Golden Girls theme shows what happens when four aging, retired male super heroes decide to settle down and share a beachfront condo together.

Superman as "Blanche?" My spidey senses feel a summer smash coming on.


Guys really should stop trying to pretend that they're unaffected by sappy songs that play while they're in the car.

So what if the person in the lane next to you stares like you have three heads while you break out into a full sing-along of a ballad?

It takes a real man to admit heartbreak. It takes an even bigger man to admit it in three rhyming choruses.


This is flash mobbing like you've never seen it.

It's also a great way to remind people that classical music is still relevant: Talking to you, all folks younger than the age of 25.

At the 3:35 mark there is a girl mock conducting from atop a light pole. That alone makes the video worth watching.


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