Nacogdoches pilots host flight demonstrations

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Model airplanes brought pilots from across the Lone Star State to Nacogdoches for a weekend of fun flys and flight demonstrations.

"A lot of us really like to build, all of us like to fly," said David Hinson, Secretary/Treasurer, Nacogdoches Areo Modelers Club.

The Nacogdoches Areo Modelers Club hosted the demonstration to fellowship with other pilots and to involve the community in the hobby.

Pilots say it's a good pastime to start at a young age.

"It's a good father son type hobby, it also teaches you about engineering and basic construction and how to be a perfectionist and achieve whatever you want to achieve," said Barry Raborn, Model Airplane Pilot. Barry Raborn drove in from Houston for the event, he's started flying model planes in his teens and has been a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics since.

"There was model airplane field near my house I just watched them growing up flying and I had a lego airplane when I was 10 and a full flying model plan when I was 14 and I've never stopped flying since," said Raborn.

There are three types of model airplanes, electronic, nitro methane and gasoline and they are each controlled by a radio transmitter.

"You can buy ones that are all ready to fly and If you buy what we call a stick build model airplane it takes anywhere from about three months to a year to build," said Hinson.

The planes can reach anywhere from 400 to 1000 feet, officials hope the displays will inspire the next generation of pilots.

"We try to go out to schools and churches and bring airplanes out and play with them and teach them about aeronautical engineering and possible jobs in the future," said Hinson.

All the pilots agree, there is no greater reward than watching your creation take flight.

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