Constable Accused of Soliciting Sex from Teenage Boy

By Ramonica R. Jones

In almost 20 years in law enforcement, Jeff Mosby has never had any trouble of his own with the law, until now.

San Augustine's constable of precinct two is accused of solicitation of sexual performance by a minor. Authorities say that minor was a teenage boy, and that he was being solicited for another man.

San Augustine County Judge Wayne Holt says, "It's something none of us want to think about, that it could happen to anybody. But when it happens, all of a sudden a lot of focus is put on the county, but, it's not the county, it's that individual. He has a problem and if he's convicted, then we'll have to face what happens then."

Judge Holt says just because charges were filed against Mosby, doesn't mean he's guilty... And unless he's convicted, he'll still have a job as constable.

"In America, we forget sometimes that you're not guilty until proven so," Holt says. "But every man is innocent until he is proven guilty. And these are charges, these are not admissions of guilt by him. He has not admitted anything."

A Texas Ranger arrested Jeff Mosby Thursday night. He was released from the San Augustine County Jail on a $30,000 bond.