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Angelina Co. officials offer tips on avoiding vehicle break-ins


 As summer reaches its peak county officials are encouraging motorists to pay closer attention to their vehicles.

"If a person wants to get into a vehicle their going to get into it, they'll bust a window, whatever, the main thing is lock your vehicle. We have people who drive around who do nothing but look for stuff that they can get," said Lt. Pete Cooper, Angelina County Sheriff's Office.

 In Texas, July is the worst month for auto thefts and burglaries, Lt. Pete Cooper with the Angelina County Sheriff's Office says too much free time plays a role in the increase.  

"Schools are out and a lot of times young folks don't have anything to do and they go around looking for different things to get into," said Cooper.

Every two minutes a vehicle crime takes place in Texas. Ford, Dodge and Chevrolet pickups top Texas Department of Motor Vehicles' list of potential targets.

Officials say keeping electronic devices and other valuables out of plain view will stop likely thieves.

"Just an opportunity that arises where they can get into something quickly and easily and get away," said David Hendry, DPS Spokesperson.

Cooper says many of the crimes reported in the county can be avoided with an extra effort from drivers.

"The unlocked vehicles, we get a lot of reports that are vehicles that are entered because they're unlocked," said Cooper.

 Its all about location, officials say parking near other cars in a well lit area will reduce your chances of a vehicle break-in

County officials also say while break-ins are likely while you're out and about, many vehicle thefts take place at residences and encourage drivers to secure their valuables even at home.

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