Driver may face charges for causing Monday's five-car Houston County wreck

HOUSTON COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The driver of an 18-wheeler that caused a five car wreck near Crockett on Monday may face charges if a grand jury indicts him for the death that resulted from the accident.

DPS officials say they're putting together a case to present to a Houston County grand jury to decide if a criminal negligent homicide charge will be brought against Raymond Lawson, of San Antonio. Authorities say Lawson was traveling down Highway 7 when he failed to stop in active construction zone. His truck hit one of four cars stopped, which caused a domino effect.

Teddy Chance 59, of Milam, was the driver of a Ford Ranger which was the first stopped vehicle. He died instantly when his car crashed into an arrow board. Six others were injured, including a flagger working the site.

It will be up to the grand jury to decide if Lawson should be arrested for chance's death.

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