Houston County leaders face-off for role of county judge

HOUSTON COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Native East Texan andHouston County Judge candidate Erin Ford says he has what it what it takes tosteer Houston County in the right direction.

"I've always wanted to support the county and to give backwhat I could within my background experience," said Ford.

Ford worked domestically and internationally with major oilcompanies for 30 years and he believes that experience has prepared him for therole of Houston County Judge.

"I want to be able towork to improve the opportunities for Houston County. I have quite a lot ofcorporate background knowledge which I think will provide the basis for supportfor the community," said Ford.

But his opponent Jessie Stephens doesn't see it that way.Stephens has worked as a CPA in the county for 25 years and believes hands onexperience, goes a long way.

"My experience is directly related in the county where hishas been in a different type of service area," said Stephens.

Ford believes the role of county judge means improving thequality of life and creating opportunities for residents.

"Employment opportunities that allow our children andgrandchildren to be a part of that community," said Ford.

Where ford wants to grow the county Stephen's focus issustaining it. He believes the role judge requires focus on administrativeresponsibilities.

"I think the job of the county judge is not to grow thecounty, it is to take care of business, take care of finances, live within yourmeans," said Stephens.

Ford says if everyone works together improvements in HoustonCounty can be made.

"I can never guarantee the result but I can guarantee myeffort and commitment to make the promises come true," said Ford.

Stephens says its about consistency and that's what he wantsto bring to the county.

"I don't know that I could do anything to make it better butI can certainly keep it where it is," said Stephens.

With a low voter turnout in the primary, both are hopingresidents exercise their right to vote during this run-off election and put theright candidate in office.

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