Restaurant Report - Angelina - 7/19/12

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Catfish King @ 806 S. Medford: 18 demerits for improper temperatures, repair wall in men's restroom, hand sinks must have soap and towels, store ice scoop properly and employees need to use food grade containers.

Another Broken Egg @ 4003 S. Medford: 10 demerits for all bottles must be labeled, do not store bottles with single service items, repair leak at two compartment sinks and employees cannot wear jewelry.

Brookshire Brother's Deli @ 301 S. Chestnut: 9 demerits for front display case was too warm, clean under hand sink and clean floor under equipment.

Brookshire Brothers Grocery/Produce @ 301 S. Chestnut: 4 demerits for expired food products on shelves.

Brookshire Brothers Bakery @ 301 S. Chestnut: 4 demerits for a rug needed to be removed, clean under racks in walk-in freezer and clean under equipment.

The Spud @ 1001 S. Chestnut; 0 demerits.

Brookshire Brothers Meat Market @ 301 S. Chestnut: 0 demerits.

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