Appraisal district going after delinquent taxpayers

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The possibility looms over delinquent taxpayers who are or will be sued by the Nacogdoches County Appraisal District.

All the parties are gathered for the Nacogdoches County Central Appraisal to sue property owners for not paying their taxes.

"We had 19 cases set for trial today and out of 19 we've had 7 people come in and either pay of or set up payment agreements. And so we are going to court with 12 cases. We have 4 default cases and 8 ad litem cases," said legal assistant Nanci Scott.

That would be a court appointed attorney for unknown heirs.

The reasons why property owners don't pay up are numerous. The most common are a lack of money, disagreement between heirs and a simple lack of responsibility.

Every effort is made to contact the responsible parties. If all else fails, the next step is taken.

"We post them for sale. And we anticipate having another sale in September on these cases that were foreclosed on today," said Scott.

Not all properties sell. Unsold properties are up for bid.

"I would like everyone to know that because we do maintain that list and would like to get those properties resold and back on the tax roll where someone is paying taxes on them," said Scott.

Since June 30, the Nacogdoches County Appraisal district has about $3.1 million on the delinquent tax rolls, an amount not out of the ordinary.

In a couple of weeks notification letters will be mailed out. The total should drop dramatically because of one courtesy offered by tax attorneys.

"I couldn't stress enough the fact that we set up payment agreements," said Scott.

Simple correspondence with the tax office often prevents a lawsuit and the loss of property.

Lists of foreclosed properties or those up for auction are placed in county courthouses.

You can also obtain them by going through your appraisal district or the county tax attorneys.

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