KTRE viewers step up to help prosthetist's cause

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Often the power of television news coverage of a good cause leads to bigger and better opportunities to help others.

Such is the case with a story on a Nacogdoches prosthetist working to help amputees in Tanzania. Viewers who saw the report on Sherrie Anderson's step by step missions responded in a giving way. Lots of items and money were donated to the cause.

The biggest came this morning from College Park, a manufacturer of artificial feet.

A box load of prosthetic feet, from children's sizes to adult sizes, were handed over to Anderson for her next trip to Tanzania that she'll take in several weeks.

"Some of the feet were made of blocks of wood and they used tire tread for the bottom of feet," Anderson said. "So, I'm very excited to be able to give them carbon graphite feet that will withstand the demands of their environment much better."

"I think to be a part of something like this with what Sherrie is doing is something we're honored to be a part of," said David Frost, manager at College Park. "We know the work she is doing is going to change lives literally, so anything we can do to be a part of that is something we wanted to jump on at College Park. "

There's yet another way you can help Step-by-Step missions.

It's planning a garage sale on Saturday. Donated items can be dropped off on Friday at Professional Prosthetic Care on North University Drive, where the sale will occur.

Anderson began the cause after learning about albino children who lost their limbs after witch doctors cut them off, thinking they are magic limbs. Anderson also fits lepers in Tanzania with prosthetics.

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