Nacogdoches banker pleads guilty to falsifying records

A Nacogdoches banker pleaded guilty to falsifying records on a customer's account Friday in federal court in Lufkin.

Former Huntington State Bank Nacogdoches branch President Willard T. Scott, 33, pleaded guilty to federal information that he made false entries of bank records in 2010.

Federal investigators have evidence Scott removed funds from a customer's account, saying it was to make payment for the customer's loan, but in fact deposited the funds into an account of a home contractor.

Scott signed a waiver for indictment.

His punishment recommendation of three years probation and repayment of funds will go before a federal judge.

The SFA graduate is now living with his mother looking for work, but is restricted from any financial or money exchange duties.

A civil lawsuit was settled earlier this year.

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