Ad agency, chamber officials investigate bogus billing surrounding tourism map

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The Nacogdoches Chamber of Commerce produces what is called the official street map.

"We make sure the accurate data is on there," said Bruce Partain, Chamber president.

Point A  media designs and sales high quality ads to support the project.

This week clients who previously bought advertising got a suspicious e mail from a person they've never heard of.

"Here is your previous art copy for the Nacogdoches County city map project. And which is, we'll show you, our art work for the map we sold," said Angela Wiederhold.

And the price in the e-mail was close to $500.

Point A media didn't waste any time calling the number in the e mail, but had to represent themselves as a prospective client in order to receive a phone call back.

"We explained to her she was using copyrighted material. That if she would look further on that map and that was indeed our art work she was using and misrepresenting to this customer as being their artwork," said Wiederhold.

Our calls to Tina Jones, someone identified in the recorded message as a 911 emergency guide coordinator, weren't returned.

City emergency officials and the county's 911 addressing coordinator know nothing of a 911 project.

"So I think this is a little bit more than just free enterprise. This is a little bit more fraud and misdirection at the very least," said Partain.

The best defense is to educate the advertisers.

"The questions people need to ask is what's the distribution for this and if they say, ' Oh, it's the map that's down at the Chamber and the county courthouse ', they may mean 25 maps or 50 maps were dropped off or mailed by box. That's not very good distribution," said Partain.

The chamber is all about free enterprise.

Its members just don't want to take a wrong turn toward deception.

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