Hemphill murky water situation is now 'cleared up'

HEMPHILL, TX (KTRE) - After more than two months of brown water, Hemphill residents are finally seeing clear water again.

At least 15-hundred East Texans were complaining of murky water provided by the city. According to GM Water Supply Corporation General Manager, Jerry Pickard, the water was high in iron and manganese content, giving it a brown color. The problem, for the most part, was cleared up sometime last week.

"The water is considerably better," said Pickard. "Complaints have slowed to nearly non-existent."

Pickard says TECQ came and inspected the water at least three times during the two month period and found the water was safe to drink. Pickard explains the water supplied to residents is purchased through the C.C. Rice Surface Water Plant, which belongs to the city. GM Water Supply Corporation owns three wells outside of the City of Hemphill, and Pickard says they haven't received any water complaints from them.

Currently, GM Water Supply Corporation is in the process of building a new surface water plant, which will give the company a new clean water source. The plant, set to be built on Lowe's Creek, off of Toledo Bend, and is anticipated to micro filter one million gallons of water a day. Pickard hopes to have the new plant open by this time next year.

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