Sally Ride's East Texas ties

Another tragedy from another part of the nation is felt in East Texas. Alexis Spears learned last night that Sally Ride was an investigator of the space Shuttle Columbia disaster. So she went to Hemphill today to speak with someone who worked alongside her to learn about the impact the astronaut left on East Texas. That story's at 6.

A city map is an excellent tool to help you get where you're going. However, in Nacogdoches many advertisers are being victims of a scam. Donna McCollum has the report at 6.

We reported earlier this month on a Nacogdoches robber being robbed at knifepoint and even being cut by the knife. Tonight at 10, we see how Chester Pleasant is doing and learn about how he's trying to not only get back on his feet but expand his business.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor