Nacogdoches barber expanding business after attack earlier this month

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - As barber Chester Pleasant trims aloyal customer the 30-year-old is still recovering from an attack in his shopnearly three weeks ago.

"Turned my back to lock the doorsthat's when I began to get robbed," said Pleasant.

The Houston native opened his business threemonths ago hoping for a fresh start.

"It was always my dream to openmy own shop," said Pleasant.

On July 6th his business was jeopardized when20-year old Timothy Blanton walked in the door.

At the time pleasant thought he was helping Blantonout by letting him cool off in his shop.

"He comes in, says he has beenjogging that day. I was cutting kids hair and well being good hearted I let himget a little fresh air," said Pleasant.

According to police, Blanton attacked Pleasantwith a knife while he was locking up, leaving two stab marks on the barber'shands and a six inch cut on his neck.

Veteran barber James Millford has been in thebusiness for over 50 years and he believes monitoring who is in and out of theshop is the best way to keep it safe.

"If someone was hanging around myshop and I didn't know them, I would let them follow me around and I would havethe scissors in my hand before he would have them," said Millford."

Pleasant is using the attack asmotivation to start fresh.

"I opened up another shop so I'llbe in a new location, I figure its bigger, better. Use it as a stepping stooland use it for the better," said Pleasant.

Pleasant believes his new location inUniversity Mall is the start of a new chapter and plans to open Friday.

Timothy Blanton was arrested July 6thand charged with felony aggravated robbery his bond is $150,000.

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