Agencies proving to be worthy of United Way allocated funds by targeting important issues

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Non-profit agency leaders serving Nacogdoches County are facing a different application process for United Way funding.

"It was time for us to reevaluate instead of being just a check writing agency. We could really see there were needs in our community that had to be met," said Loretta Cammack, Allocations Review team.

It's time for agencies to prove their worthiness by targeting priority issues in the community impact model.

"The core of our organization is all about doing everything we can to help those who need to get financially stable," said Nacogdoches County CEO Gary Ashcraft.

Some agency leaders spent days tweaking applications and presentations.

"This process does create more accountability for the entities that receive United Way funding which is a good thing because it's the community that's giving their dollars to this program," said Heather Kartye, Family Crisis Center director.

The twenty United Way agencies offer varied services, but there are ways to target the priority issues. Salvation army wants to follow up energy assistance with energy lessons.

"They're going to actually educate and provide services where they go into the home and try to analyze why those increased utility costs are there," said Cammack.

The committee is on board to monitoring the community impact model today and every day.

"Everybody is focused, I can tell you that right now. And as this moves forward for the next year, each of the agency leaders will be responsible for giving us some feedback mid year and at the end of the year," said Ashcraft.

And the mid year review is designed to be helpful.

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