Wig snatching incident was last straw for alleged Lufkin stalking victim

Source: Angelina County Jail
Source: Angelina County Jail

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Three different incidents in less than a 24 hour period landed a Pollok man behind bars charged with stalking his ex-girlfriend.

Police say Steven Hunt, 28, whom his ex-girlfriend describes as "out-of-control," has been arrested and charged with stalking following three threatening incidents during which Hunt "knowingly engaged in conduct that the victim regarded as threatening bodily injury or death of a person, member of the family, household member, or with whom a victim has a dating relationship."

Police say on July 20 Hunt arrived at the restaurant where his ex-girlfriend worked because he wanted to talk to her.  She became scared and ran into the office and called police, according to an arrest affidavit.

Later that evening Hunt drove to a local shelter where he tried to contact his ex-girlfriend.  He was told to leave.

The next morning Hunt showed up at a local eye clinic where his ex-girlfriend had taken her child for an appointment only to find Hunt outside standing next to her car.  The affidavit stated Hunt asked her for a ride and she told him, "no."  That's when he allegedly snatched her wig off her head and ran off with it, the report stated.

The alleged victim told police she is tired of being stalked.  She said she has had problems with Hunt recently and these latest three incidents in less than a 24 hour period has her in fear for her safety and that of her kids.

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