EXCLUSIVE: Family of Angelina Co. stabbing victims feels "cursed"

Pepe and Rosa Piña (Photo source: Facebook)
Pepe and Rosa Piña (Photo source: Facebook)

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Thursday's slaying deaths of Rosa and Pepe Piña is taking a toll on family members, including their brother Raul Simms-Piña. His younger brother and sister were stabbed to death by Rosa's boyfriend, according to Angelina County Sheriff's officials. "I feel cursed. You feel like, when this happens, you like to spread it around a little bit," said Raul.

After Thursday, four of his seven siblings had died under tragic circumstances.

"You don't expect that, you know what I'm saying. Just like you don't expect to turn around and go around the curb and get hit by a car, "said Simms-Piña.

In January 2010, his brother Rigo and step brother Steve Parra were murdered, execution-style on a Rusk County road. Later that year another brother, Derrick Piña, was also killed in a hit-and-run accident along Highway 7 in Nacogdoches County.

Simms-Piña says he'll never forget what he saw when he arrived Thursday morning at Rosa's home on John Kolb Road in Angelina County.

"You don't get over nothing like that, seeing something that gruesome," said Simms-Piña.

Simms-Piña's 10-year-old daughter witnessed the stabbing deaths of her aunt and uncle. Sheriff's investigators said Rosa had been stabbed as many as 10 times.

"I was wishing it was all a dream," said witness Lacette Garcia. She said she watched as her aunt's boyfriend of nearly a decade stab her family members.

"He grabbed her and dragged her to the front door and slit her throat. He just kept on dragging her all the way by the road and kept on stabbing her. And, all the little kids were just standing there watching him," said Garcia.

Lacette said Terrance Barnes, Rosa's boyfriend, came to the house early Thursday morning. She said their loud argument woke her up. 5 children were in the home at the time and are believed to have witnesses the killings. Authorities said they are now in the custody of family.

Simms-Piña says the couple frequently split, but it appeared Barnes was upset over their most recent break up, taking it out on the family.

"He told me himself every time my sister Jennie [would] come around, Rosa would, my sister, would start acting different," said Simms-Piña.

Raul says Barnes had a problem with Rosa and her sister's relationship. Rosa decided to go out with her sister Jennie, which apparently angered Barnes.

"Supposedly he pulled a knife on her before she left," said Simms-Piña. He says Rosa then left their house and when she returned, the brutal killing took place.

The 31-year-old Barnes was captured after 10 p.m. Thursday, hiding under a log on FM 1669 in eastern Angelina County. He will be arraigned on capital murder charges Monday.

Simms-Piña says Barnes' arrest won't make up for the loss of his siblings, but it does provide a sense of relief. He now looks to his brother as a hero, beleiving he saved their sister Jennie's life. He believes Barnes was also trying to go after her.

An account has been set up to help the Piña family with funeral expenses.

Donations can be made to the "Rosa and Pepe Piña Memorial Fund" at any Lufkin or Nacogdoches Bancorp South location.

Friday, family members were still working to arrange funeral services.

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