East Texans trying to keep boat dreams afloat

An old boat has been sitting along Loop 287 on private property for decades. Today, all the land has been cleared for a new business but the boat remains. Now there's an effort to keep that boat there. Tonight at 10, Alexis Spears tries to figure out what has created such a popularity of the boat and what will happen to it now. What do you think? Give your thoughts at KTRE.com.

Today was a sad and very long day for the family and friends of Pepe and Rosa Pena. As their alleged murderer sits in jail, the people who knew the siblings attended an emotional service. At 6, Donna McCollum talks to their sister, who tried to stop their deaths.

You know about the crackdown on texting and driving. Now, the rate of injuries for those texting and walking has quadrupled across the nation. At 6, Francesca Washington finds out if that's a problem for East Texans.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor